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Town of Minerva Dog Law 2010

Dog Licensing

The owner of every dog 4 months of age or older shall immediately make application for a dog license. Owners apply for this license at the licensing agent in the municipality where the dog is harbored. Contact your municipal clerk to find out what documentation is needed to obtain a license.

License fees are set by the municipality per Article 7, Section 110. The fee for an unspayed or unneutered dog must be at least five dollars more than a spayed or neutered dog. The municipality may exempt license fees for any guide dog, hearing dog, service dog, war dog, working search dog, detection dog, police work dog, or therapy dog.

All dogs are assigned, as licensed, a municipal identification number and tag. This ID tag must always be affixed to that dog’s collar. Dogs must always be identified when off the owner’s premises. The municipality may exempt this requirement when the dog is participating in a dog show.

For a dog License or any questions regarding licensing your dog please call:

Diana Mason, Town Clerk
518-251-2832 (Home)

OFFICE: 56 Donnelly Road , Olmstedville, NY 12857

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