Minerva Day 2021 Pictures

Minerva Day 2021, Pant Pedal Paddle

Pant Pedal and Paddle, Minerva Day 2021

   July 3rd opened with a misty morning, as nine PPP teams lined up at the Olmstedville Dam to compete in the race, as organized by Bridget O’Brien.  There were two Ironman teams and one Ironwoman team – the rest were two- or three-person teams. Racing down Donnelly Road and onto Trout Brook, runners sped to pick up their bicycles down the road, and from there to O’Neil Road where their canoes patiently awaited their arrival at the Minerva Stream.

   First to make the circuit was Team Bean, composed of Natalie Kimball Tessoun, team captain, and two other competitors. Their combined time to complete the course was one hour 43 minutes. The 2nd place team, coming in ten minutes later, was Team Red Camp (Time: 1 hour 53 minutes), with 3rd place, Ironman, Eric Piper on their tail by only four minutes, with a time of 1 hour and 57 minutes.

   Despite the uncertain weather forecast, nine teams participated. The event raised $150 which will be donated to the Minerva Service Organization.

Minerva Day 2021, Fishing Derby

The 2021 Minerva Day Fishing Derby had an amazing response with 62 kids – a complete success!! Organizers Mike Corey and Heidi Kelly signed up those fishing, weighed their catches, and then presented prizes to the winners. In the various age groups, three prizewinners were hooked in each category. They are:

7 and under:  1st prize: Ava Graves; 2nd prize: Maxine Lum; 3rd prize: Molly West

Ages 8 – 11: 1st prize: Savannah Duell; 2nd prize: Shannon Keegan; 3rd prize: Vanessa Vanderwarker

Ages 12 – 16: 1st prize: Evelyn Rathbun; 2nd prize: Killian Vanderwarker; 3rd prize: Trent Varney

Tiniest fish: Oliver Paradis

Prettiest fish: Isabella Christian

Friskiest fish: Henry Dotson

Most fish: Killian Vanderwarker

Monster fish of the day: Wyatt Hitchcock

Most unusual catch of the day: Mason Graves for a painted turtle

Honoring our most senior citizens on Minerva Day 2021

Tom McNally accepting certificate and photo book on behalf of his mother, Bertha McNally from Senator Dan Stec and Assemblyman Matt Simpson
Irene Koch accepting her certificate and photo book, with daughter Laura King looking on.
Marge Strohmeyer accepting her photo book from Assemblyman Matt Simpson
Bob Wortman accepting his mother Ruth Wortman’s certificate and photo book from Senator Dan Stec and Assemblyman Matt Simpson
Robert O’Brien accepting his certificate and photo book from Senator Stec

2021 Minerva Honors Its “Most Senior Citizens”

   Presenter, Nancy W. Shaw, could barely control her enthusiasm as she stood before a packed community center to introduce eleven honored residents to her audience. Senator Dan Stec and State Assemblyman Matthew Simpson looked on as each honoree was recognized and presented with a certificate and commemorative book compiled by Diane Palmer and Nancy W. Shaw to mark the occasion.  Following is Nancy’s short introduction of our Most Honored Citizens:

   Barbara Dimick Curtis, born March 1922. She now resides at Elderwood in North Creek and was not able to attend. She is our oldest resident at 99. You can read her bio which is on display along with the other biographies.

   Helen Sylvester, turned 99 in March 1922. A wonderful thing happened for Helen on her birthday. The whole town celebrated it with a drive-by parade. Thank you, Helen, for having a birthday so we had something to celebrate after the long year of COVID-19. We were all happy to be out and about. Helen has always been very community minded.

   Next in line is Irene Koch, who turned 98 in March. She and Ernie retired here and became active in the community. Irene is known for her artistic talent.

   Now on to 95 – Carol Gregson, born Dec. 1925. Carol is known to us as the author of her book, The Pottersville Complainer. She was always active in Minerva.

   Bertha McNally, 94, born October 1926, was one of eight children. She is noted for her beautiful cross-stitching. Bertha was active at Tri-County Nursing Home as a volunteer and active in her church.

   On to 93. Robert O’Brien, was born March 1928. Some of Bob’s children still live in the area. We understand he was quite a collector of toy trains and was known for his love of skiing.

   Ruth Wortman, 92, was born December 1928. We know Ruth, along with her husband Mel, by her association as owners of Camp Baco and Camp Che-Na-Wah. Every summer Ruth would give a concert at Minerva Lake and always brought a group of campers to Tri-County Nursing Home to entertain.

   Margaret Louise Kelly Strohmeyer, was born November 1930, is now age 90. She managed to rope one of the town’s eligible bachelors, James Strohmeyer. She is a registered nurse. Marge continued to practice her nursing career, as well as working at Tri-County Nursing Home.

   Next is Franklin Armstrong Hewitt, who was born December 1930 and is 90 years old. If you see the photo board here, you will get a good picture who Franklin is. When we think of Franklin, we think of Hewitt Oil Company and the black limo he had for many years.

   Phyllis Hall Iversen Siniscal, born May, 1931, is age 90. Because Phyllis had a love of children, she became the babysitter for many families in town. It was her pleasure especially to read them stories. 

   Fred Morse born June, 1931, just turned 90 last week! When we think of Fred, we think of Morse Auto Body Shop. If you happened to get in a car accident, you knew where to go. Fred served as town supervisor for ten years.

And so we have honored eleven of our citizens who still live in Minerva. And now I would like to mention 10 more former Minerva residents who now live away but belong to Minerva as our over-90 citizens.

Marion Morse Smith – December 1923, age 97, living in Auburn, NY

Marcia Ann Calkins Minder – March 1926, age 95, living in Florida

Josephine Kieran Norton – April 1926, age 95, living in Saratoga

Elsie Olden – August 1927, age 93, lives in Queensbury

Francis Austin Hutchins – October 1928, age 92, who lives in Indian Lake

Muriel West Green – December 1928, age 92, now lives in Kentucky

Evelyn Aleksejczyk – September 1929, age 91, now living in Texas

John Kellogg – November 1930, age 90, lives in Queensbury

Doris Austin Bushman – April 1931, age 90, lives in San Antonio, Texas

Evelyn Jones Kotula (Rusty) – will be 90 in September 2021, and now

   lives in Georgia

Interesting note:  Our list is comprised of 4 men and 17 women.

Unveiling of Solomon Northup highway marker on Minerva Day 2021

Assemblyman Matt Simpson, Senator Dan Stec, Paul Kelly, Esq., Teresa Brannon Healy, Town of Minerva Historian and Supervisor Steven McNally

   In 2020, the Minerva Historical Society won a grant from the William G. Pomeroy Foundation for a roadside marker. The Pomeroy Foundation’s New York State Historic Marker Grant Program provides communities with a way to share their points of interest and local history by use of blue and yellow roadside markers. Through the Pomeroy Foundation’s New York State Historic Marker Grant Program, communities receive funding to obtain the markers to commemorate their local history. Our awarded marker commemorates free born African American Solomon Northup and the Town of Minerva as his place of birth. In his memoirs, Twelve Years a Slave, Mr. Northup states he was born in the Town of Minerva, Essex County, New York, in 1808.

   Paul Kelly, of Saratoga, son of Michael Kelly of Olmstedville, initiated this program. Together, with the support of the Historical Society and the Town of Minerva, we worked with the Pomeroy Foundation to apply for the grant. We were awarded the grant and are proud to be recognized as the birthplace of this resilient man.

   The Pomeroy roadside marker for Mr. Northup is located at the corner of Morse Memorial highway near the Minerva Town Hall and Community Center. During our Minerva Day celebration on July 3rd, New York State Senator Dan Stec and New York State Assemblyman Matt Simpson joined Town of Minerva Supervisor Stephen McNally, myself (Town of Minerva Historian Teresa Brannon Haley), Paul Kelly, and his daughter Dagny Kelly for the unveiling of the marker.

Minerva Day 2021 Photography Contest Entered Photos

Victoria Holley 1st Place

Fireworks – 2019 Minerva Day taken from my Hornbeck – above the dam

Nancy Shaw 2nd Place

10/3/20 Sunrise

Brian Holley 3rd Place

“End of the Road” September 2019 bottom of Minerva Lake Road

Lisa Salamon 4th Place

Moxham Marsh & Mtn after a large snow fall

Robbie Kohrman

Snapping turtle strolling at Minerva Lake

Sharon Stone

Winter on Kelly Hill

Selina LeMay-Klippel

Moose Pond – Minerva

Duane Ricketson

From Snyder Hill, Winter scene

Mallory Moses

Sunrise while taking my dog out

Keith Iversen

Early morning after the last snow of winter 2021

Lisa Salamon

Hardscrabble farm as a storm was closing in

Jamie Davie

Sunset on Minerva Stream 3/30/21

Ron Shaw

7:24 AM Sunrise on Minerva Lake

Phyllis Siniscal

A sunrise at my home

Bob Fisher

Looking west on O’Neil Road, The two day old Moon joined by Mercury and Venus. Phot taken May 14, 2021 at 8:30 DST.

Mallory Moses

Purple sky while taking my dog out

Sharon Stone

Autumn on Kelly Hill

Dramatic, Glorious, Evocative, Stunning –  2021 Minerva Day Art Show

The Minerva Day Art Show was a resounding success.  Mary Irene Lee and her granddaughters, Natalie and Mary Stickney, with the help of Heidi Kelly and Ann Hornbeck created the dramatic display on the sun porch of the Community Center.  The acknowledged showstopper was a tall grandfather clock submitted by Selina LeMay-Klippel, entitled BEAR CLOCK.  The artists were all residents of the Town of Minerva, ranging in age from Irene Koch (one of our Super Seniors) to first grader Harmony Fiske, a budding abstract expressionist.  Irene’s work entitled COUNTRY SCENE was very evocative of the works of Warren Kimble and Grandma Moses.  Mary Irene Lee’s ADIRONDACK ICON was a mixed media tribute to her late brother Terry Lynn, and a wonderful example of Mary Irene’s well-known artistry.  Bob Fisher’s and Duane Ricketson’s photography gave us stunning views around town and in the night sky.  Helen Fish, whose work is familiar to many in town, delighted us with the magnificent DEER AT WATER’S EDGE.  Gregory Williams’ watercolors were beautiful, and his lithograph, entitled WHEN ACTS MOVE ON, rivaled the Bear Clock for viewers’ commentary.  Kate Grow McCormick’s MAUD and AMELIA was a delightful and whimsical tableau.  Lynn Jacunski gave us the vibrant CAT TRIBE. A huge welcome to first-time Minerva Day exhibitors, Martha Liberty, Kimberly Smith and Joanne Wilson.  We look forward to seeing more of your glorious paintings! And welcome to Keith Iversen, whose photography reflects his world and his view.  There’s talk of another Art Show this winter, and I cannot wait!

Helen Fish – Painting – Olmstedville Dam – Fall; Deer at Water’s Edge

Bob Fisher – Photography – Hepatica; Red Truck at Rest; Orion!

Harmony Fiske – Painting – Magic Rainbow; Fireworks

Keith Iversen – Photography – First Morning Light

Lynn A. Jacunski – Painting – The Cat Tribe:  Momma; Rescue #2; Rescue #3

Lynn A. Jacunski – Photography – Catch of the Day

Irene Koch – Painting – Floral Folk Art; Winter Blues; Country Scene

Mary Irene Lee – Mixed Media – Adirondack Icon; Imagine

Selina LeMay-Klippel – Woodworking, Encaustic and Oil Painting – Bear Clock

Martha Liberty – Painting – Misty Moonlight; Overlooking Trout Brook Bridge; Majesty

Kate Grow McCormick – Puppets in Tableau with Quilting – Maud and Amelia

Duane Ricketson – Photography – Low Clouds in Irishtown, Minerva and Beyond; Irishtown Sunset; Minerva Stream &             Green Mountain

Kimberly Smith – Painting – Minerva Lake, Adirondack Park Triptych

Gregory Williams – Painting – Minerva Stream by O’Neil Road; Marsh Off North Woods Club Road

Gregory Williams – Lithograph – When Acts Move On

Joanne Wilson – Painting – Moxham; Town Shed Road; Boreas