Meeting Minutes for Wednesday, March 04, 2020

Meeting Minutes for Wednesday, March 04, 2020

CLA Kick-Off Meeting #1

Members Present: Stephen McNally, Tom Tuffy, Dave LaBar, Lynn Green, and Zachary Boucher.
Public Present: Jessica Deslauriers from Essex County, Peter Loyola and Katherine Ember from CLA Site, and Kate from DOS via phone.

18:00-Meeting began at the Minerva Community Center.

Agenda, checklist for LWRP Completeness, Inventory Analysis paperwork were distributed. CLA Site toured the campground with Steve prior to the meeting.

Appendix 1: LWRP Completeness was discussed. We need to make sure we follow the checklist and also comply with all product deliverable deadlines.

Kate from DOS discussed the Inventory & Analysis paperwork. At this time we are not required to use new paperwork as our contract was signed prior to its implementation however, it is strongly recommended as it will help us focus time and ensure everything required is completed. DOS will review along with the Project Manager sections of the documents rather than one larger, longer document to review.

There will likely be a deliverable due every month. Would like to present Outreach Plan for the April Meeting looking toward summer months for most public engagement. Also, a boundary map and preliminary write-up should be reviewed in April.bbWish List was discussed, will need to turn them into “Goals and Objectives.” Discussed green infrastructure being a goal and even education and marketing could be included with a goal of creating a comprehensive way finding system and educational program. May want to include a broader area than just the campground/beach area.

Possibly our main goals could be Recreational, Historical, Educational, Green Infrastructure, Natural Preservation, and Regional Connectivity.