Meeting Minutes for Wednesday, December 04, 2019

Meeting Minutes for Wednesday, December 04, 2019

Roll Call:
Members Present: Tom McNally-Chair, John Brown, Duane Ricketson, and Zachary Boucher.
Public Present: John Williams, Code Enforcement Officer, David Beale, and Sara Colman, AT&T.

19:18-Call to Order by Tom at the Community Center.
19:19-Public Comments: None.

November 2019 draft Meeting Minutes were distributed and read.
19:24-Motion to approve the November 2019 Monthly Meeting Minutes was made by John, seconded by Tom, with all in favor, none opposed.

Old Business:
Discussion on the AT & T Cell Phone Tower
19:25-Motion was made by Tom, seconded by Duane, to grant Site Plan Approval for the Cell Phone Tower to be located at 1721 NYS Route 28N in Minerva, with all in favor, Charlie Barber also in favor via email vote, none opposed, roll-call vote:
Tom – Yes
John – Yes
Duane – Yes
Zack – Yes
Charlie via email – Yes

Patrick Allen/Kathleen Tenyck Update – Still in the 90 day APA Comment Period.
Wamsley Road – Nothing new to report.
Solar Update – Nothing new to report. Working on proposed changes still.
Tag Sale Update – Town to create a Local Law.

Next Monthly Meeting will be after the new year. The Board has decided to meet on Wednesday, January 08, 2020 and Zack will advise the Town. Future meetings will also resume being at Town Hall.
19:30-Public Comments: None
19:30-Motion to adjourn was made by Tom, seconded by John, with all in favor.